DIVINE. I AM MADE IN HIS IMAGE is a brand which offers a wide selection of high-quality apparel.

We believe that our clothing is more than just a way to cover our bodies but an opportunity to share our beliefs with the world and make a positive impact on quality, modesty and the good news to those around us

Our aim is to not just be any other brand but to be a brand with a vision and a mission. Divine is here to bring illumination on modesty and alignment. We want individuals who wear Divine to realise that brands do not define your identity but your identity can only be found from within.

Our goal is for you to not look for acceptance in the name of a brand but for you to accept and acknowledge that you are special, fearfully, wonderfully and divinely made.

Divine is a representation of your confidence, your beliefs and your self-value. Our brand is to ensure that there cannot be another you because you are unique.

We value you and you are valuable that’s why Divine is for you.